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The Investors Group Consortium is a multi-national construction of companies structured to serve high-net-worth clients and companies the best possible way. Our finest vision is to provide our clients with flexible and lucrative solutions for their specific situation with management consultancy, business administration, investing and tax optimization. Success is not built overnight and we are no exemption. Since our establishment in late 2011, we have adjusted, changed and refined our structures, services, and knowledge until this day. Through continuous applied knowledge, discipline and research we strive to be the preferred partner in the business.

When ordinary people see problems we see opportunities and solutions. The old Chinese saying: "you catch no fish in clear water" is a mantra we not only believe in but a perspective we by great success operate from.

We combine low tax pressure with high personal security. Your future financial security is as important as your current holdings.

We play by the rules applied by lawmakers and make them bend your way instead of against you. Some battles are not worth taking, and best won by none resistance. Let us be your compass and navigation for avoiding stormy waters and let us be your protection when conflict is inevitable.

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One of the keys to success in the modern world of business and investing is the speed in adaptation to whatever challenges the future brings. The world is shifting exponentially, old industries are getting re-invented, old business models are taken over by new ones, the adoption of the internet has provided a great source of information, infrastructure, communication, which overall provides a much faster development in all sectors. This ultimately means that governments, regulators, tax authorities, banks, etc needs to follow up faster, which means life circumstances and future opportunities can now change much faster than ever before. But don't worry, we are here to give you the necessary tranquility and comfort, so you can focus on whatever is most important in life for you.