10-Year Investor visa in Dubai

Since the ending of 2018, it has been possible to obtain a 10-year visa in Dubai through various options. Lets take them one by one.

10-year visa by investing

Befor being eligible to obtain a 10-year investor visa you must invest no less than 10 million AED. The investment can be through a deposited amount into an established business or a business partner relationship. It's also possible to obtain the visa through various investments in properties but can not exceed 40% of the total investment.

The visa is renewable after the ten years and spouse, children, one director, and one advisor can also be eligible to obtain the 10-year visa.

The investment has to be fully owned. Financing does not qualify. Ownership has to be proven, and financial solvency must not exceed 10 million AED.

10-year visa for Entrepreneurs

Dubai is a very friendly entrepreneur zone and shows this by offering the 10-year visa for entrepreneurs with a previous project worth a least 500.000 AED, and/or those accredited a well-respected incubator or accelerator program. This will grant access to a 5-year visa. Later on, when and if the value exceeds 10 million AED the visa can be upgraded to a 10-year visa.

An entrepreneur’s business partners, three executive directors, spouse, and children will also be granted visas under the scheme. Entrepreneurs will be given permission to enter the Emirates for a six-month period with multiple entries, and the option to renew for another six months, in order to apply for the five-year visa.


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