Consultancy at its best

Through our enormous international network of business and financial consultants, we can provide you with outstanding expertise and guidance on how to maximize and optimize every aspect of your business and/or personal economy.

We have been deeply involved with the following:
- General tax optimization
- Relocating or additional opening of subsidiaries.
- New company and owner structures
- Optimization of company performance with employees, expenses, sales, and products.
- Approvals or maintenance of licenses in all areas.
- Proof of Funds

- Real Estate Approvals Bank/Mortgage
- IPO Pre-vetting
- General License Obtaining

- KYC/AML/Sharia
- General Business Optimization
- Tax Optimization (Private & Business)

- Accounting
- Legal work
- Negotiating
- Representation
- Board Director / Advisors
- Company Sales/Purchase

- Fusions / Reverse Mergers
- Re-structuring
- Company Fusions
- Yacht, Airplane & Car Registration


Company Security Penetration


Leveling your business up to, present and after initial public offering (IPO) should require a lot of penetration testing, as you will be potentially more vulnerable by the public attention and therefore also much higher hacker interest and fraud fronting. Most companies internal systems have Achilles tendons, it's just a matter of how complex it is to break it.

Cyper Security