2-Year Investor Visa Dubai

Before you can receive a Dubai real estate investor visa you need to purchase a single property of at least 1 million AED. This will give you 2 years access to investor visa and the possibility to provide your family with a two-year sponsor visa.

The investment amount of 1 million AED does not apply through a mortgage or bank loan unless its 50% of the investment amount or under. The property also needs to be livable, so an off-plan investment is not applicable.

If you bought a property years ago for under 1 million AED, and its now worth 1 million AED or more, it does not qualify for the visa.

Villa, townhouse, apartment, and service apartments are all applicable for the investor visa.

Any commercial related properties as an office, warehouse, and even hotel room will not be accepted.

If the purchase of the property is joint ownership, only one part will gain the possibility of obtaining the investor visa. Unless its husband and wife, in this case, an attested marriage certificate should be attested. The invested amount is not divided in two, as is still seen as one investment.

You should also note that neither you or your family are allowed to work on the investor visa. In case anybody needs to work inside UAE, the company hiring should provide sponsoring visa.

You should at least also be able to document at least 10.000 AED of monthly income towards your investor visa.

Here is a list of all the documents needed:
- Original title deed.
- Original passport.
- Good conduct certificate from Dubai Police
- Current visa copy
- 6 passport size pictures with white background

All the mentioned documents should be brought to the Dubai Land Department and submitted there.

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