Claiming VAT from the European Stores

As a non-EU residence, it is possible to claim the VAT back on goods when brought back to your home country or at least when leaving the EU.

The process is simple if you know what to do, and choose to use companies as Global Blue instead of doing it yourself.

When you are shopping in the stores you should always inform the salesperson to provide you with the taxfree formula, most shops have cooperation with companies like Global Blue. To ensure yourself you should at all times bring your passport, as the store needs your name and passport number to issue the correct invoice and documents.

From here you need to present the goods to the VAT customs in the airport you are traveling from. They will ask you for your boarding pass, the taxfree invoices provided at the store and the goods.

Once everything is approved the customs will stamp your taxfree formulas and you can collect your vat refunds at the nearest Global Blue office.

Most larger airports have a Global Exchange or Global Blue office, which can provide you with the VAT refund immediately. If your amount is less than 10.000 EUR, you can have it in cash, or else you should present a bank account or credit/debit card where the office can send the amount towards.

If you want to calculate your refund from Global Blue, you can use this LINK.

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