Investing your hard-earned money is a matter of trust

It's our delighted pleasure to welcome you to our world of investments. We truly understand the importance of a diversified portfolio, because the winners in both life and business are the ones who can adapt and stay calm when market changes strike. Every investment fund can thrive and exist in good times, only the fundamental strong can stand the storm.

Our investment philosophy is to only entrance extra-ordinary good investments and always with the company's own presence to ensure deep understanding and display of commitment for our clients. All our investment advisors are remunerated on a flat fee, which only gives the purest incentive of decision-making.

SME Portfolio

This portfolio is focusing on small-medium enterprises with already running revenues. Our consultants help optimizing processes and/or to facilitate better liquidity for the companies with either full order books and/or already guaranteed payments from banks, governments or other financial institutions. We are primarily working with online SEO revenue based companies and premium car leasing.

Investment Amount: From 200.000 EUR
Yearly Return of Investment: 10,2%


International Real Estate Portfolio

Our real estate portfolio is consisting of a diversified holding of popular locations around the world with lucrative yields on rental income. Picking up extraordinary good deals, refining, optimizing and either short-term renting or selling depending on our fell on timing.

Investment Amount: From 200.000 EUR
Yearly Return of Investment: 7,2%


Real Estate Investors Group

Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGS)

Introduced by the EU Commission in 1994, and gradually upgraded multiple times up until the 2014 directive 2014/49/EU to ensure a harmonized level of protection to depositors in EU regulated banks. We have hand-picked a number of banks and constructed a unique setup to 100% guarantee all our clients the security of their deposit, backed by the EU Commission and EU Central Bank, combined with a 5% yearly return. Minimum investment amount is 100.000 EUR.



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