Nurture your foreign Buyers

“Cultural and economic differences should not be a barrier to success”

The European countries is at the world’s forefront of accountancy, documentation, KYC, AML and have the highest demands for proof of funds.

This can be challenging for other economies and cultures to enter, as rules and regulations are completely different. This is for a fact only increasingly getting tighter.

After doing some market research in the real estate sector in Europe, we have concluded that a lot of international clients have difficulties meeting the EU requirements for “proof of funds”. This results in poor execution, longer waiting time, and in many cases “no deal”, which is in no interest of either the client, the seller or you as an agent. Understanding your clients is very important.

So how can we help?
The best scenario would be to open a dialogue with the client in good time forehand and make an all-around pre-approval forehand.

We have a long history of cross-country personnel and company approvals of financing within international real estate and have dealt with clients from all continents of the world.

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