Our Real Estate Portfolio 

The portfolio is a combination of two very lucrative locations in the world, with each their charm and history. The stunning skylines and astonishing new age architecture of Dubai and the laid back and authentic surroundings in Marbella, Spain.

Since the establishment of Investors Group, The United Arab Emirates has been the base for the company's head office. Multiple reasons for this. The lucrative real estate market and the none existing taxes are definitely making it a very interesting playground for local and foreign investors. At the beginning of 2018, we started to establish connections and research the areas of Costa Del Sol and found it a very interesting place for capital placement. Marbella is highly attractive as a vacation destination during the summer months, which attracts tourist from all over the world, pushing the short-term rental prices up. This can be for your benefit.

Dubai Real Estate Portfolio

Our long experience, relationship and future beliefs with Dubai reflect on the very assorted choice in the portfolio. Every location is purchased with a profitable running rental-income in mind, combined with a strong belief in future potential value. The construction sites are booming in Dubai towards the World Expo 2020, but not every project is worth getting involved with. When a recession comes, there will be blood on the wrong chosen bricks, and opportunities will arise.

Average Yearly Rental Income: 10,1%

Projected Portfolio Value 5 Years Ahead (2023): 42%

Marbella Portfolio (Coming in 2019)

Costa Del Sol is a perfect market for property investments. With a continuous positive number, and in the top 20 of the world in terms of square meter prices. We are currently researching market opportunities and will start acquiring somewhere in 2019.

Average Yearly Rental Income:

Projected Portfolio Value 5 Years Ahead (2023):

Please find the answers for the most commonly asked questions

What are the benefits of investing in your portfolio, compared to buying independently?

The are many reasons why you should invest in our portfolio, instead of buying directly. Instead of having just one property, you have a shared ownership in multiple properties in different locations, which means you are less vulnerable towards market changes. Another great benefit for you is also to have less administrative responsibility since we are handling everything.

Is it possible to see some of the properties in the portfolio?

Yes, it's definitely possible. But please be aware that in respect of tenants, we can not guarantee access at all time since the properties are mostly rented out year round.

What if I want to buy and own a specific property on my own?

We will gladly help you with realizing this dream. We can assist with everything: mortgage, bank account opening, all legal documents and even VISA and company formation if needed.