There has never been a better time starting to save money than now

Securing yourself is the key to a good retirement and a continuous personal guarantee for your life quality.

Now it's possible to make a guaranteed investment return with our the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) through selected banks and the EU Commission.

savings account life insurance

Experience a yearly saving increase of 5%, the money is placed with European banks under individual accounts of each a maximum of 100.000 EUR, which ultimately is a guaranteed amount from national banks and the EU commission.

Invest 1.000.000 EUR
We open 10 individual accounts of 100.000 EUR.
Each account has a locked interest rate of 5%, paid by the bank, which will be added to a separate holding account or paid out every year. Any of your choice.
The amount is guaranteed by EU Commission & the EU Central Bank (READ DIRECTLY FROM EU HERE)

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